Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wire in the Blood

Many moons ago I had picked up a Val McDermid book by random fluke at the BCL and had been mighty impressed by her writing skills. I had made a note to myself to read her other works but alas that was another addition to the list of things not done.

So many moons later in another Indian territory (so to speak) I came across this BBC series based on her books and it was a case of neki aur pooch pooch. I've just seen the first episode of Season 1 and by God ki kasam I'm hooked. Featuring an neurotic clinical psychologist and quite frankly yummy female cop , the show is one of the best British police procedurals I have seen.

Each show runs to about 90 minutes and with 3 shows per season and about 6 seasons till date I have quite a bit of watching to do. Splendid old chap. Simply splendid.

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