Saturday, December 27, 2008

NYC Redux Day 1

Landed in new York on time. Airtrain-A Line-L Line- Walk a block to Sohil's apt in Avenue A. Joyous reunion followed by a welcoming drink of Strawberry Acai Bacardi Breezer. Terrible drink and I ask him has he turned into a woman in the time I've been away from Bombay. Catch up on old times till I start feeling peckish. Head to my old haunt at Toasties for my beloved Pastrami on a roll. Picked up a ton of Booze from Trader Joes and more importantly Lactose Free Milk and Swiss Muesli from Whole Foods.

At the check out guys recc we bought a bottle of TJ Vintage Ale which at 5 bucks is a helluva good drink. A bit too yeasty but a decent intro for Sohil before he tastes the real deal ie Belgians. Of course he doesn't have any stemware so we end up drinking in coffee mugs. Oh the shame of it. Oh wait I took a two hour nap in between to shake off jet lag.

Felt hungry again and at his recc went to his fav pizza place called Artichoke. I tried out the Spinach and Artichoke pizza and it was to die for. Pizza in LA tastes so lame. What is it about NYC pizza which makes it so scrumptious ? I didn't even miss the meat.

Came back and wanted to open a bottle of wine but of course Sohil doesn't have a wine opener and I didn't bring my Swiss Army Knife. I'm an idiot. Ended up taking swigs of cheap Sake from the bottle coz of course we don't have shot glasses. We need to get some stemware coz I'm damn well not drinking a Belgian or a Pinot out of a Coffee mug again.

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