Sunday, December 28, 2008

NYC Redux Day 2

Woke up late and went to watch "Che" at the IFC. It's an ass numbing 4 hours 20 mins long but thankfully there was an intermission between the two parts. I preferred the first part much better but incredible film overall.

Went to Ray's for an extremely late lunch at 5pm. Headed home to chill for an hour. Drank some of the sparkling Rose wine. Kinda average to be honest. Prefer the Lambruscos. Went to my most fav dive bar in the world ie the Japanese cantina in the East Village. Tried to discuss the script with Sohil but he kept getting distracted by the bewitching Japanese women there. I tried not to say I told you so but.......

A pitcher of Sapporo there along with a bunch of Edamame. Sohil couldn't stomach his first encounter with Tofu. Personally I think tofu is vile and the food in the cantina is legendarily bad. Walked to Ziggiz for burritos, stopped over at Starbucks on Union Sq and headed back home.

Note- Need to take Sohil to a place when working on the script where he won't be distracted by the women. Gay bar perhaps ?

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