Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Wednesday


A Wednesday offers a unique plot with nice twists and turns,engaging camera angles,  a fast paced and well timed storyline and a pretty good script. Fantastic acting by all four of the main cast: Naseer Ud Din Shah as the orchestrator-in-chief "Stupid Common Man", Amir Bashir as the duty-before-self-family-child Inspector Jai, Jimmmmiey Shergil as the only-too-happy-to-smash-your-bones Inspector Arif and Anupam Kher as the negotiator and narrator of the movie Commissioner Rathod.

Once I got to know that two of my favourite actors, Anupam Kher and Nasser Ud Din
Shah, are both in A Wednesday I expected it to be a great movie. Good direction by Neeraj Pandey. The movie is not a high budget flick (probably good and brings in a bit more realism). No compromise on production values. No songs (none are called for by the script anyway). Both of the super gods of method and character acting Anupam Kher and Nasser Ud Din Shah have dished out such flawless and realistic performances that I didn't once think of them as anybody other than the characters they portray. Neither has been able to out shine the other and both thespians emerge as winners. Need I say more.

My only two complaints (but please don't let me detract anything from A Wednesday you must see it never the less): The back ground music is possibly the worst I have experienced in a recently released Bollywood movie (absurd sounds are played at every characters introduction and also in between some of the most important dialogues which distract from the attention which these dialogues deserve) , and the details behind how Nasser Ud Deen Shah's character gains the trust of the four terrorist are murky at best. Oh and there is immense product placement in the first few minutes and this left a slightly sour taste in my mouth. Oh and the reporter babe is umm...forgetable. Seems like the list is a bit longer than I

I liked this movie and wouldn't mind seeing it again or recommending it to others. Now I look forward to Neeraj Pandey's next effort. 

Must See Movie.


  1. Dude what bout Deepal Shaw as the irritant factor ? And the complete lack of japanese kinkiness ? And the monologue at the end reminded me of Laxmi chewing our ass for forging the tickets.

    I liked the movie as well but it had a few things wrong with it which could have been easily taken care off.

  2. Deepal Shawl, yeah, had forgotten her name, but did mention her as the reporter babe. And biraader if you remember it's "Luxmi" not "Laxmi". Yaar Naseer aur Luxmi mein comparison, come on man !!!